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Tommie Olofsson Miss Italy
Miss Italy
Miss Italia

Alone In The Black Universe
Alone In The Black Universe
The Day I Put The Devil On Fire
The Day I Put The Devil On Fire
Dagen Då Jag Satte Djävulen I Brand
Abstract Still Life
Abstrakt Stilleben (Abstract Still Life)
Abstrakt Stilleben
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Flowers Of January
Flowers Of January
Johnny B. Goode - Tommie Olofsson
"Johnny Be Good"
Vilken Väg Att Gå, Vilken Sång Att Sjunga
"Which Way To Go Which Song To Sing"
"Bridge Over Trouble Water"
"Maria and the Three Wise Men"
Sunset At Black Mountain Valley
Nude Black Angel
"Nude Black Angel"
Don't Turn Your Back On Me
"Don't Turn Your Back On Me"
Abstrakt Stilleben
"Composition No.33"
Because Of Him I Can Face Tomorrow
"Because Of Him
I Can Face Tomorrow"
Dirty Dancing
"Dirty Dancing"
Still Trying, Still Flying, Still Falling
"Still Trying, Still Flying, Still Falling"
A Long And Endless Waiting
"A Long And Endless Waiting"
Heaven Can Wait
"Heaven Can Wait"
Dancing With An Angel - Tommie Olofsson
"Dancing With
An Angel"
Looking For Hell Or Waiting For God
Looking For Hell Or Waiting For God
Bringing Home Water
"Female Water Carrier
Flower Power
"The Power Of Flowers"
Picasso Black And White - Tommie Olofsson
Black And White"
Just Talking With My Higher Power
".. My Higher Power"
From Somewhere Up Above
"From Somewhere Up Above"
Looking For The Horizon
"Looking For The Horizon"
Confusion And Clarity
"Confusion And Clarity"

Take The Small Black Devils From My Mind
"Take The Small Black Devils From My Mind"
Blue River Deep, Blue Mountains High
"Blue River Deep, Blue Mountains High"
Even In Chaos There Is Hope
"Även i Kaos Finns Det Hopp"
(Even In Chaos There Is Hope)

A San Francisco Bay
"San Francisco Bay"
Don't Let Me Down Just Let It Be
"Svik Mig Inte, Låt Det Bara Vara"
Livet är Inte Så Dåligt Som Det Ser Ut
"Life Is Not As Bad As It Looks"

There Is More To Think About Than This
"There Is More To Think About Than This"
När Löven Faller
When The Leaves Are Falling
"When The Leaves Are Falling"

A Melody In Colors
"A Melody In Colors"

Detta Är Kärlek
This Is Love
"This Is Love"
Röd Skönhet
Red Beauty
"Red Beauty"
Detta Är Mer Än Kärlek
This Is More Than Love
"This Is More Than Love"

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